Latest Past Events

Michigan Chapter: Climate Change / Climate Crisis and its effects

Engineering Society of Detroit Headquarters 20700 Civic Center Dr, Southfiled

Don't miss this opportunity to come and listen to Professor Janice K. Means who will give an overview of the latest and projected environmental transformations due to climate change, answer the question “Who or What Causes Climate Change”, and finish with a summary of how it is affecting (and will affect) the world, the United …

ASEI – Harker AI Symposium

The research symposium, held each year in the spring on the upper school campus for the entire Harker community, includes displays of Harker students' often award-winning projects, talks by alumni involved in research, and corporate exhibitors. Three ASEI bod members ( Kanakshila Tandon,  Amrish Chopra, and Piyush ) have been invited to participate in this …

Breaking the Glass Ceiling 2024

University of Maryland College Park, MD

🌟 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Event: Empowering Women in Tech 🌟 "Success is not about breaking through ceilings; it's about realizing there are none." - Daphne Michaels This Women's month ASEI is featuring an engaging panel discussions, insightful Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities with industry pioneers, this event promises to inspire and elevate perspectives on …